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DAC Artist interveiws: JohnSu

Fri Feb 1, 2013, 11:40 PM


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Hi here The-Average-Alex here bringing you the first of Digital-Art-Club's artist interviews, a series where we "convince" artists to speak to us about... stuff. :3
After crying on his wall and bribing him with meat i managed to snag an interview with the ever handsome and slightly disturbing JohnSu and this is how it went.

:bulletblue: So Mr `JohnSu first of all how do you like this idea of taking Interviews of Artists ?

"As an Artist Who Likes Attention, it's a great idea! But as a Guy With Stupid Ideas, I'm a little more concerned if people are reading my words for information."

:bulletwhite: ok, how did you find deviantART ? And are you glad you did find it?

"If I recall correctly, I was fresh out of highschool and into college, and an active member of the Gaia Online community. One of my friends would often link to her work on dA, and recommended I gave it a shot. DeviantArt is now the primary site I upload material and where I get most of my feedback, so yes - I'm glad I was introduced to it!"

:bulletblue: Do you remember what your first submission to deviantart was?

"Not off the top of my head, no. But it's still there! Let me see...ah, Bonesweeper. I actually made this for Newgrounds, but I lost the source file in a hard drive failure, so it is forever stuck at 90% completion. :'(
Technically, the first piece I made just for deviantArt would be Victory. Man, I was so lazy back then, ripping images from Google...
I didn't know what I was trying to do on this site."

:bulletwhite: When it comes to doing artwork most digital artists use Photoshop, Corel Painter or Paint tool Sai. However You use Adobe Flash, software which has rarely been associated with digital painting and drawing.
What is it about flash that makes you use it, and how long have you been using it for?

"The first version of Flash I used was Macromedia Flash 6, so I think it's been since...2002? At least 10 years by now. I stuck with it because for making flash games and animation, it was easier to work with its native vector art than raster graphics. Vector art in general is very flexible, so I really liked working with that part of it."

:bulletblue: Your artwork itself is quite amusing (if not some times disturbing) Where do you usually get your inspiration from?

"The top three that come to mind: Life (normal observations, like mold on strawberries), Media (sometimes a design in manga or anime will spark an idea for a derivative design), and Boredom (I will sometimes just scrawl on an empty canvas until I think I see something, and then run with it)"

:bulletwhite: Yeah..... Sometimes you scare me :3
Come Here, Cat by JohnSu

"This is one of those pieces where I was like "I have to draw this!" because all the really good artists are spending their time productively making cool and beautiful things. I almost feel I am obligated to fill this void of Things People Don't Ask For. Such is my burden."

:bulletblue: Out of all the deviations that you have submitted which 3 are the most important to you and why?

- this one I feel has the most meaningful and lasting value of the things I've made on the net.
Pot Watcher - The Game by JohnSu - this one embodies much of what I do here on deviantArt: waste my time to present something stupid to the viewer.
Hon no Mushi by JohnSu - this one represents how I'd like to move forward in the future, eventually building an overarching narrative.

:bulletwhite: Have you ever wanted to try a different medium or a different category of digital art? If so which one?

"I suppose digital painting is one that has intrigued me? I would consider the majority of my work to be vector or cel-shaded, but whenever I see an impressive wallpaper with fine details and gorgeous brushwork, I find myself wishing I could produce similar things and wondering how I would go about doing that. Then I go to bed."

:bulletblue:In the world of art there is an argument which has raged for many many years and it is that of whether or not Nudity can be artistic. What is your opinion on this topic?

"Yeah, I think it can be artistic. A nudie is like a living landscape of flesh, right? If you know how to present it properly to the right audience, you'll get a good artistic response. Other outcomes include: backlash, money."

:bulletwhite: what is one feature that is not in deviantART and according to you should be there or should be implemented.

"I do kind of wish I could promote certain comments. A lot of times while reading through the messages people have left, I find a gem that I wish could get more attention. Unfortunately though, anything that's not in the first page is bound to be buried over time."

:bulletblue: Out of the many artists here on deviantart are there any who's works you admire or who have influenced you?

"Let's see, there's ~joodlez for her brushwork and technique, and then there's Rakugaki-otoko for his retro style (which often reminds me that there is still a lot of good stuff that's been forgotten in the past)."

:bulletwhite: if possible could you pick 3 images by other artists on deviantart that you really love.

"It's impossible!"

smile by joodlez
Jack the Reaper - Promo Poster by Rakugaki-otoko
Lani Boss fight part one by OverlordJC

:bulletblue: OK so just in case you didn't know you are one of the most loved artists on deviantart. is there anything you would like to say to all your fans and followers?

"Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement! I know I haven't been very consistent with updates, and I can come across as snarky at times, for which I apologize. I hope you'll continue to stick around! Please stick around. I miss you?"

:bulletwhite: And finally to wrap up this interview, if you have anything you want to say that i haven't covered go ahead an let loose :3

"This is where I let out a low, steady fart, and we both stare at each other in an awkward silence. There are no words."

So there you guys have it :D the first of the DAC Artist interview series.
I must say i really enjoyed doing this and i cannot wait to start torturing interviewing other artists :D
If you have any artists that you would like us to interview send me a note or leave a comment in this journal
and also feel free to leave your general opinion in the comments.... and yeah....

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potwatcher: The Game! Epic
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I really liked this C:
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" Yeah..... Sometimes you scare me :3"
The image corresponding to that comment made me laugh so hard.
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so... did you two stare at each other in awkward silence?
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Yes... it was a special moment.....
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Thank you for the interesting and fun interview! :iconlazydanceplz:
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