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Stock and Rescource RULES please read

Tue Apr 17, 2012, 12:55 AM
Terms of Use by The-Average-Alex

By downloading, storing, or using any of my stock or resources you are agreeing
to accept the following stipulations and rules of this licence.
by not following these stipulations in your usage you will be acting outside the scope
of the license and will therefore be using copyrighted resources without any permission
or legal shelter.

You are allowed to use my stock photos, textures, stock renders, brushes and other resources
in you non-commercial projects.
On a non-commercial project you may use the stock free of any charge.
A non-commercial project is a project in which no money changes hands.
Advertisements and other such projects which are indirectly commercial do NOT count as non-commercial.
You will need MY permission before you can use my stock in such commercial projects.

Non-commercial use is not limited to DeviantArt; you may use my stock & resources in your non-commercial
projects outside of DeviantArt as long as you follow all rules and give proper credit.

You are PROHIBITED from using my resources for commercial use without prior permission from myself.
Using any of my stock items or resources in a commercial project without expressed permission from me is copyright infringement.

If you would like to use my stock/resources in a commercial project you may negotiate
directly with me to obtain permission and commercial use license.

Examples of commercial use: (Not limited to only these examples)
Art prints
Advertisements for commercial entities.
Web design for commercial entities
book covers
CD covers

When you use my stock on DeviantArt you are required to notify me by either commenting on the stock you used
or by commenting on my profile.
When you use my stock/resources outside of DeviantArt you are required to notify me by email
Deviant art Note or by other means. Include all applicable links.

DA's policy requires you to credit the sources of stock you use in any artwork that you
submit on their site therefore, using my stock in your art and not
crediting me is a DeviantArt policy violation.
When you use my stock/resources outside of Deviantart you are required to credit me
in a clear and visible manner.

You are explicitly prohibited from redistributing my stock images in any way designed for re-use.
You must not offer any of my resources for sale or sub-license!! EVER!!

This also means you cannot release brush sets, 3D textures manipulation stock images or any
other resources meant for re-use which are based on my stock without permission.
to obtain that permission please send me a note on deviantart and we can discuss it.

Putting my resources into your own resources is a serious problem as it often puts end users at
risk of violating my terms of use.

That is all, please make sure to follow these simple rules.

When crediting on deviantart please credit:

when crediting outside of deviantart please credit:

This is an extremely improtant document so please make sure you read it
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April 17, 2012
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